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Cadspec Revit Toolkit

Cadspec Toolkits enable our customers to automate tasks within design workflows reducing time and increasing productivity as part of their software subscription with Cadspec. This toolkit has been developed in response to user requests and is a set of powerful tools and automatic functions that will help you work smarter and faster with enhanced capabilities in Autodesk Revit.

Cadspec Revit Toolkit

Add-in Features

Family Browser

The family browser puts all your Revit families at your fingertips. Create your own model library and display all your families directly within your Revit environment, the add-in compiles names and image previews of all your models making it easy to access and insert all your components.

Disconnect / Reconnect Fitting

When working within MEP it is easy to miss a system connection or need to disconnect an element in order to amend or update. Our connection toolset allows this process to be automated, with a few clicks you can make sure everything is connected accordingly and easily disconnect, amend, and reconnect.

Export Locations

Accurately track and schedule X,Y,Z locations of model elements. Used alongside Revit’s internal coordinate system you can easily translate this data to ‘real-world’ coordinates. A great tool to track the accuracy of structural, groundwork, or piling construction and translate from digital to real-world back to digital workflows.

Export Functionalities

Allows you to easily export your schedules to HTML, xlsx (excel), and many more. Supports individual or batch outputs.

Renumber Items

Tired of manually updating Revit components mark, well use our Renumber tool to easily renumber all elements in your drawing and update with prefix and suffix!

Renumber Doors/Windows

Tired of updating all your doors and window marks individually and manually? Well, use our Renumber tool to automatically update properties based on the room name and pre-fix and suffix, one click and its done!


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