PowerShape is CAD software for complex parts, electrode design and modelling for manufacture.

  • Why PowerShape?

    Autodesk Powershape software (formally know as Delcam) combines surface, solid and mesh modelling to help engineers prepare moulds, dies and other complex parts for manufacture. Powershape is ideal for use with PowerMill CAM software.

    Maintain part quality

    Creating features and operations with automation removes repetitive tasks, eliminating the scope for human error. This increases programming consistency and enables a level of predictability to produce reliable NC code for maintaining part quality.

    Comprehensive machine support

    FeatureCAM supports a comprehensive range of CNC applications including milling, turning and wire applications. The software caters to the programming needs of 3-5-axis mills, multi-tasking turning centers, Swiss-type lathes, wire EDMs and more.

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  • PowerShape pricing

    Product Cost
    PowerShape - Standard 2020 Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription £1,895
    PowerShape - Standard 2020 Commercial New Single-user 3-Year Subscription £5,115
    PowerShape - Premium 2020 Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription £2,530
    PowerShape - Premium 2020 Commercial New Single-user 3-Year Subscription £6,830
    PowerShape - Ultimate 2020 Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription £3,945
    PowerShape - Ultimate 2020 Commercial New Single-user 3-Year Subscription £10,650
  • FAQs

    • What are PowerShape's main features?

      PowerShape has several modules that make engineering easier. Here are the 7 best features this software offers across the modules: Designing of Molds for Casting Processess, Electrode Wizard, Rib Capping, Reverse Engineering through 3D Scanning, Integration with other Autodesk Software, Autodesk Drive and boasts an intuitive user interface.

    • What exactly is PowerShape?

      PowerShape is known as Autodesk’s ‘top of the class’ CAD solution, which goes above and beyond when it comes to versatility and functionality. It allows for the perfect designing of complex geometries and can facilitate the design and various parameters of moulds, tools, and other complex parts.

  • Reviews

    "Re-engineering old parts using 3D Scans"
    PowerShape is an incredibly powerful software that we use. It enables us to design the mould, then we move the mould geometry over to PowerMill & develop toolpaths to produce that mould.
    Tool Room Manager | Steele Rubber Products
    "Streamlining EDM Manufacture"
    In PowerShape we can extract the letters using direct modeling tools which is much quicker than what we had before. We are then able to create these script files that contain volume of the electro design, area of the electro design and tool change.
    EDM Leader | Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

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